Rebel view #6

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t text you for a long time. Few days ago there was most of people favorite feast of the year- of course it’s CHRISTMAS!!!  So I wish you Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Last weekend I was in Wroclaw. I had a great time. Below you find some photos. I was there with my mom. We were in a market square. We bought some food, and some decoration to our house. I ate churros – special Spanish dish which is very crunchy and delicious. It’s better with souse. I chose nutella. It was really amazing and delicious. We sang carols. There was an amazing atmosphere. How was your time before Xmas and Xmas Eve? Thanks. C U later.




Rebel view #5

Good morning!

Hey! The school year just started. I think nobody is happy about this. But then we can find cool notebooks with smart quotes in shops. Here are the ones I have found:



For today it’s all. Thanks, hello. 🙂
PS. I’m tired already! 🙂

Rebel view #4


Hey! My today’s entry is about my climbing on the highest peak of Poland – Rysy-2499 above sea level. Of course I was with Mom there. We started our trip at 6:30 am in Palenica Bialczanska. Then we were walking to the Morskie Oko  1.5 hours. We ate breakfast, drank tea  in the mountain shelter. And we started our onward trip. We reached the  Black Pond under Rysy. It was about 50 minutes after  the stone and the stone steps. It was not easy, but we reached it. there is about 3h and 50 minutes from the Black Pond to  the peak of Rysy.


After next 2 h I have reached my favorite part of the road, which was the most dangerous and attractive because of chains and other “metals” … :). Here we also started to go in the clouds so nothing was visible. So it seemed little of fear and horror. In addition, we couldn’t see the peak, so we did not know how far to the top. There were some flat stones, the precipices, but I like such things so much! 10 minutes before the summit all clouds spread so we could admire the beautiful views.

It was very difficult to go down for us because of our physical fatigue and mental relaxation. So there I fell a few times. But in the end we returned safe and sound, happy and tired (and without my mum’s nail :)).

And how was your vacation? 🙂