Rebel view #2

Runaway tails

Good morning! Hey! What’s up? Today I will tell you about my animal – his runaway tail. I have given such a title because my pet likes to run – and if it something gets to eat it runs away and I can see only its  tail. I have a rat. A female one. Tina can do some tricks, e.g.  it can walk the tightrope. I have Tina from 9 months. This is my 6th rat (earlier rats are: 1.Tusia, 2.Latka, 3.Tina, 4.Mała, 5.Tusia, and now 6. Tina).Tina probably was bored recently. Because of it, my rat decided to chew all its water feeder.  Now it has to drink water from a cup, but Tina constantly blows it. I also insert a movie. You can see how Tina is cracking the hair eraser. See you later!