Rebel view # 1

Good morning! Hey! My name is Martyna. I’m 14 years old. After the holidays I will go to 3rd grade in junior high school. “Rebel view” is a bookmark for teens. It will not be associated with coaching. The name of this bookmark is because more or less teens at my age are rebels.  Adults too, although they hardly admit it. In this bookmark, I will put various videos, photos and posts about the topic for teenagers.
Recently there is a lot of heat in Poland. Drinking  fruit cocktails, fruit smoothies and iced tea is  the best way to withstand heat. Today I will give a recipe for my favorite one:

  1. 1 banana + some blueberries + some strawberries + some blackberries + natural yogurt

In a blender, puree all fruit and yougrt untill smooth. Pure into glass and garnish with mint leaves.

Today, it’s all over. Thanks! Goodbye! Hey!