Meditation Mk 5,21-43

Stand in God’s presence. God is present here and now, looking upon you with love.

Ask for the Grace:I will beg God our Lord that all my intentionsand actions may be directed purely to the praise and serviceof His Divine Majesty

Fixing a place, a picture for meditation: A Lake. Jesus comes out of the boat to the shore, where a crowd of people is waiting for him. One of the men – Jairus falls to the feet of Jesus and asks him to heal his dying daughter. Jesus goes to his house with this man. Also all gathered people follow Jesus, maybe everyone wants to be as close as possible to Jesus. There is also a woman who was considered unclean because of the hemorrhage. She walks over to Jesus and touches his clothes. Then she becomes healthy. Jesus talks to her for a moment. Then he goes further to Jairus’s house, and in this way he allows only his disciples to do with him. He goes into the house where the dying girl lies, grabs her hand and tells her to get up. The girl gets up. Be as present in this scene as you can.

Ask for the fruit of meditation: for meeting and trusting Jesus 

1. A touch.

Jairus asks Jesus to put his hands on his daughter, because she is point of death.  A woman with a hemorrhage touches clothes of Jesus. They ask for touch because they believe in the healing power of Jesus’ touch.What do your places need to be touched by Jesus? Ask Jesus to touch these places. Let him do it.The touch of Jesus is healing. What is your touch you give your nearest (you can touch others also by words, mimicry, gaze …)

2. He looked all around to see who had done it.

Jesus seeks contact with a human being, wants to see him, wants to be in a relationship with him. Here, the woman got scared that she did something wrong. However, she had the courage to come and show herself to Jesus. She did not hear any reproaches from Jesus, but words that were warm that could give hope.How do you accept others, how do you take care of contact and relationships with your loved ones?

3. Jesus said to the dying girl: get up.

Jesus also says you the word: get up. What does it mean to you?  


Meditation:St Ignatius encourages in The Spiritual Exercises No. 2 … Because not so much knowledge, but internal feeling and the taste of things please and saturate the soul, that is, we stay where we feel interior movement … and nervously do not try to go on.

The final conversation: Spend a little time at the end, being with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit….as you would with a good friend: sometimes talking, sometimes listening, sometimes being together in silence. Speak to God about your feelings. Remember that times when ‘nothing is happening’ can also be significant. When you’re ready, end your prayer by saying thank you or using words that are familiar, such as the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father)–whichever feels right and comfortable. (The Spiritual Exercises No.54)

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