Meditation Mk 10,28-31

Stand in God’s presence. God is present here and now, looking upon you with love.

Ask for the Grace:I will beg God our Lord that all my intentionsand actions may be directed purely to the praise and serviceof His Divine Majesty

Fixing a place, a picture for meditation: Jesus talks with his disciples. See the place where they are, maybe they are sitting or standing. The entire conversation concerns the theme of entering the kingdom of God. At one moment Peter says that they – the disciples have left everything and followed their Master. Then Jesus probably says uneasy words that anyone who leaves their loved ones will receive a hundredfold more and eternal life in the future. See how the disciples receive these words. Be present in this scene.

Ask for the fruit of meditation: for the desire that Jesus be at the center of my life 

1. To leave house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for the sake of Jesus.

a. What does it mean to leave those who are close to us, whom we love? It seems that it is absurd and impossible. What can Jesus expect from you? What does this mean to you?

b. Each of us has different attachments, patterns, beliefs, the only true truth for everything, unordered feelings, which allows us to govern ourselves. It is so difficult to leave everything, change it, look differently, from a different perspective. Somehow, we often make ourselves prisoners of our various limitations. Why? What does this give you?

Jesus invites each one of us to freedom, that is, using the language of St. Ignatius to indifference (see SE 23), that is, in a mature and responsible way to choose in life what brings me closer to the goal of being fully in God and rejecting what distracts me from achieving this goal.What are you targeting in your life? Who or what is at the center of your life, your decisions?

2.     … receive hundredfold now in this age (…) and in the age to come eternal life. Although it seems that each of us should feel the great joy of this promise, for some reason it is not so easy to leave all that is mentioned in point 1. Why? Maybe one of the reasons is that it’s hard for us to stop for 10-15 minutes to see, realize what today I was given, what is the hundredfold that I got today? Now it is a good time for you to look at your past few days for a few minutes and see gifts from God, gifts you got from him. Start with the simplest ones: you can breathe, look, smile, walk … Thank Jesus for everything.

Meditation:St Ignatius encourages in The Spiritual Exercises No. 2 … Because not so much knowledge, but internal feeling and the taste of things please and saturate the soul, that is, we stay where we feel interior movement … and nervously do not try to go on.

The final conversation: Spend a little time at the end, being with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit….as you would with a good friend: sometimes talking, sometimes listening, sometimes being together in silence. Speak to God about your feelings. Remember that times when ‘nothing is happening’ can also be significant. When you’re ready, end your prayer by saying thank you or using words that are familiar, such as the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father)–whichever feels right and comfortable. (The Spiritual Exercises No.54)

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