Meditation Lk 4,31-37

Stand in God’s presence. God is present here and now, looking upon you with love.

Ask for the Grace: I will beg God our Lord that all my intentions and actions may be directed purely to the praise and service of His Divine Majesty

Fixing a place, a picture for meditation: It is the sabbath, a day off work. Jesus is in the synagogue at Capernaum. He is teaching people who have come to hear Him. Suddenly a man’s cry is heard. He is accuses Jesus of having come to destroy them. Jesus recognizes the demon in this man and commands him to come out of the man. Try to see the amazement of people seeing this miracle. Let yourself be at this event in the synagogue.

Ask for the fruit of meditation: Jesus, please change my heart

1.  (…) and they were astonished at his teaching because he spoke with authority. What does it mean to you?

2. The meeting with the Word of Jesus is transformative for each person. Jesus speaks from the level of his heart, about the law of the heart. So the recipient can only be human heart. Nobody remains the same man after the meeting with him. Just as in the considered part of the Gospel: the possessed man after the meeting of Jesus is freed from the demon,  and he becomes free. What are your spaces (what  your weaknesses, disordered feelings, addictions) need release? How can these captive areas still be able to lead you and let you do more Good things?

3. The possessed man calls Jesus the Holy One of God. It means that he believes in the existence of God. So faith itself in the existence of God, making or not making external religious gestures (but they are  important too!) does not yet prove that you are or are not a disciple of Jesus. The most important thing is a  deep relationship with him, because it is able to change  yourself and give you strength to do good to the greater glory of God. Consider how this changes your perception of yourself and others.

4. The word,  that change your heart. What Word does today in you make a such miracle? Look at Jesus, maybe he can tell you the Word.

Meditation: St Ignatius encourages in The Spiritual Exercises No. 2 … Because not so much knowledge, but internal feeling and the taste of things please and saturate the soul, that is, we stay where we feel interior movement … and nervously do not try to go on.

The final conversation: Spend a little time at the end, being with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit….as you would with a good friend: sometimes talking, sometimes listening, sometimes being together in silence. Speak to God about your feelings. Remember that times when ‘nothing is happening’ can also be significant. When you’re ready, end your prayer by saying thank you or using words that are familiar,such as the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father)–whichever feels right and comfortable. (The Spiritual Exercises No.54)