Maybe #11

At Christmas, I ran along the lake. I ran alone and did not meet any walkers. For me running is a time in which I can be alone with my thoughts, with myself, with nature, with God. This is a time when I can think about difficult things, remind nice times and sometimes it’s a time, when I get an understanding of what has not been understood before. Then at Christmas, my attention was drawn by bending, sometimes lying and submerged trees in the lake. One can think of them as poor, sick, lost, fallen trees by natural catastrophe, as sometimes people by their troubles. But you can also look differently and notice their courage to bend, almost break, to immerse yourself in the water, that will give them strength and restore life. And although the experience of contact with cold water may not be pleasant, but it can be restoring life functions, giving a different perspective, a new view of the surrounding reality. Just like difficulties for a man. They can be a moment of the highest growth, development and the failure can be the best teacher (as master Jedi says:)), but on condition, that it will be endured and reflected. So, maybe it is worth breaking up and your patterns, coming out of your warmth, even you fail,  only for this you could learn how to live the Fullness of Life.

I wish everyone courage to take the risk of Life in the coming 2018 years!

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