Good morning! #1


I was thinking a few days ago about the first blog post. I knew I wanted to start with some form of greeting. So I say: Good morning and I am smiling at you.

I was thinking about how to say a greeting, and I realized that I say good morning a dozen or more times a day. You probably do, too. We usually say it automatically, without thinking about it. And yet this short phrase is our wish that the other person has a good day, a pleasant time. We let the other person understand that we are seeing him or her. Perhaps for some people a welcome is the only way they communicate with another person during the day, the only way they say and hear nice words! Is it worth it to put some heart and smile into this simple good morning? Our way of greeting says so much. Of course, many factors influence it. Your emotions, views, your personal situation, your like or dislike toward person you meet. Maybe it’s worth your time and thought about how you greet others. Imagine two situations:

  • You meet the person you like very much, tell her good morning, hear the answer
  • Yesterday you quarreled with your neighbor, now you meet him and you say good morning and wait for the answer. Do you hear it?

What emotions have you felt in each of these situations? Have you noticed how the earlier experience of quarrels has affected the way you greet? I encourage you to be conscious and open as much as you can when you are telling others good morning. And you can add your smile, if you want.

Try to find if something changes in you, in your relationships.

I also encourage you to observe how your mornings at home look. How and when do you wake up your family? Are you saying good morning? Do you start the day with the thoughts of what you have to do today, or do you hurriedly wake up others? Maybe you chuckle at each other, or you may even avoid glances. Or maybe it is different: you smile and have a nice morning….
Let yourself start each day by saying good morning to yourself. You are an important and loved person! So when you wake up, smile to yourself and wish yourself good morning. Every day give yourself a few minutes after opening your eyes. It’s so little, but can do a lot …. if you want
Once again I tell you: good morning 🙂

P.S. I know my English is not well, I make mistakes. So, if you know well (epecially American English :)) please correct me in comments or by email. It is for my development.:) naturally if you want.