Easier than you think #8

Yesterday I made my daughter a new hairstyle. I made it the first time. You can see it below and the second one on my polish blog Prostsze niż myślisz #10



I watched a movie about it on YT with my daughter and I did. Maybe it did not come out perfect, but I already know how to do it and I can improve on it. I have the satisfaction, I can do something new. My  daughter is happy too. It did not take me much time and it turned out to be easier than I thought before. It applies to everything we do, all the news we encounter every day. Just it is enough our willingness, good will and openness to what brings a moment.

Yes, I could say: I do not want to, I can not, it’s too hard, later, I do not have time,  …. etc. However, I would deprive myself and my daughter of joy. I would not acquire another skill. It is worth taking a step forward. I think about daily activities: cooking something new for dinner, learning new words in a foreign language, fix broken things at home, doing something new in at work, on the computer..

What new things, activities will you learn today?
It’s easier than you think! 🙂


P.S. I know my English is not well, I make mistakes. So, if you know well (especially American English :)) please correct me in comments or by email. It is for my development.:) naturally if you want.

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