Difficulty with a feeling of rejection # 3

Do you know the feeling of rejection? I experienced it. I think everyone got in touch with it. Rejection is not pleasant. We usually experience it acutely and painfully. First time we met with rejection in  our childhood. Then, when we did not get what we wanted and we did not get as much as we wanted. What did we need so much? We needed to: feel important, to be noticed, to be loved, to be praised, to be accepted. We need it now, too. Of course, our subconscious remember our childhood events more than our consciousness. But they greatly impact on our self-esteem and on our feeling of rejection in adulthood. Our expectations, both in childhood and in adult life, are difficult to satisfy ourselves. We usually get less or other things than we expect. That is why I think we will touch a feeling of rejection all our lives. Maybe sometimes more, sometimes less, more consciously other times less. It is a repetitive thing in our life, even though it is difficult to experience for us. Therefore, it is worth to learn to live with it, accept it and to learn to accept other people, not to reject them.

I encourage you to reflect.

Think about what makes you feel rejected? What are you doing with it? Do you allow yourself to experience optimum frustration? And further, it’s important: what good things can you get out of feeling rejection for yourself? How positive way can you use it for your development?


P.S. I know my English is not well, I make mistakes. So, if you know well (especially American English :)) please correct me in comments or by email. It is for my development.:) naturally if you want.