I recommend the conference of Gail Dines about the pornographic industry #12

I recommend the  conference of Gail Dines – a world-famous propagator of knowledge about the negative effects of the pornographic industry. It is not only worth listening, but also to reflect on the influence of porn on your perception of yourself and others, the impact on your relationships. I encourage you to look at yourself and your children and think about how to grow through your sexuality in a healthy and beautiful way.

Maybe #11

At Christmas, I ran along the lake. I ran alone and did not meet any walkers. For me running is a time in which I can be alone with my thoughts, with myself, with nature, with God. This is a time when I can think about difficult things, remind nice times and sometimes it’s a time, when I get an understanding of what has not been understood before. Then at Christmas, my attention was drawn by bending, sometimes lying and submerged trees in the lake. One can think of them as poor, sick, lost, fallen trees by natural catastrophe, as sometimes people by their troubles. But you can also look differently and notice their courage to bend, almost break, to immerse yourself in the water, that will give them strength and restore life. And although the experience of contact with cold water may not be pleasant, but it can be restoring life functions, giving a different perspective, a new view of the surrounding reality. Just like difficulties for a man. They can be a moment of the highest growth, development and the failure can be the best teacher (as master Jedi says:)), but on condition, that it will be endured and reflected. So, maybe it is worth breaking up and your patterns, coming out of your warmth, even you fail,  only for this you could learn how to live the Fullness of Life.

I wish everyone courage to take the risk of Life in the coming 2018 years!

Christmas #10

For Christmas time I wish all good meetings with friends and family. Jesus came into the world to teach us Love and unity. Therefore, let your meetings be an opportunity to look for what connects you, to show yourself kindness and to be for the greatest Love.

Joyful celebration of Christ’s birthday!

Fall #9

I can often hear  people saying they don’t like fall. Notice today how it is a beautiful season, which God created for us. Marvel at coloured, falling leaves, rustle leaves as you step on them, wind blowing, the melody of raindrops. Smell the fall in the park, in the forest. God speaks to you through these signs. Hear him.

The short day and longer evening are given for us because of some purpouse. Do you know for what? How do you can use it for yourself, for your development, for your rest, for  to deep your relationship with others, with God? The natura has to recover in order to develop even more beautifully later. How about you?

Let yourself to go for a walk and admire fall. Search and finde God there.

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Easier than you think #8

Yesterday I made my daughter a new hairstyle. I made it the first time. You can see it below and the second one on my polish blog Prostsze niż myślisz #10



I watched a movie about it on YT with my daughter and I did. Maybe it did not come out perfect, but I already know how to do it and I can improve on it. I have the satisfaction, I can do something new. My  daughter is happy too. It did not take me much time and it turned out to be easier than I thought before. It applies to everything we do, all the news we encounter every day. Just it is enough our willingness, good will and openness to what brings a moment.

Yes, I could say: I do not want to, I can not, it’s too hard, later, I do not have time,  …. etc. However, I would deprive myself and my daughter of joy. I would not acquire another skill. It is worth taking a step forward. I think about daily activities: cooking something new for dinner, learning new words in a foreign language, fix broken things at home, doing something new in at work, on the computer..

What new things, activities will you learn today?
It’s easier than you think! 🙂


P.S. I know my English is not well, I make mistakes. So, if you know well (especially American English :)) please correct me in comments or by email. It is for my development.:) naturally if you want.