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Christmas #10

For Christmas time I wish all good meetings with friends and family. Jesus came into the world to teach us Love and unity. Therefore, let your meetings be an opportunity to look for what connects you, to show yourself kindness and to be for the greatest Love. Joyful celebration of Christ’s birthday!

Rebel view #6

Merry Christmas Pazienti che prendono il Kamagra compresse o Lovegra prezzo devono bere più acqua ed astenersi dai cibi grassi, il principio attivo è prevalentemente epatico. Il Levitra è la pillola che migliora sensibilmente Ca-Sale il problema della disfunzione erettile. In quanto ciò può provocare forti effetti collaterali, ma non ho trovato l’effetto che cercavo. […]

Rebel view #5

Good morning! Hey! The school year just started. I think nobody is happy about this. But then we can find cool notebooks with smart quotes in shops. Here are the ones I have found:     For today it’s all. Thanks, hello. 🙂 PS. I’m tired already! 🙂

Rebel view #4

Chains Hey! My today’s entry is about my climbing on the highest peak of Poland – Rysy-2499 above sea level. Of course I was with Mom there. We started our trip at 6:30 am in Palenica Bialczanska. Then we were walking to the Morskie Oko  1.5 hours. We ate breakfast, drank tea  in the mountain […]

Rebel view # 3

Coaching crazy hardship Today's text will be written with humor, but of course it is true. Here are 3 reasons why you should not have a mom-coach (but I have!): 1.When we are at a meeting my mom always analyzes every statement and later she tells me what is wrong. 2.When we watch a movie […]

Rebel view #2

Runaway tails Good morning! Hey! What’s up? Today I will tell you about my animal – his runaway tail. I have given such a title because my pet likes to run – and if it something gets to eat it runs away and I can see only its  tail. I have a rat. A female […]

Rebel view # 1

Good morning! Hey! My name is Martyna. I’m 14 years old. After the holidays I will go to 3rd grade in junior high school. “Rebel view” is a bookmark for teens. It will not be associated with coaching. The name of this bookmark is because more or less teens at my age are rebels.  Adults […]