As not always #5

You get up at the same time each day. You go to the toilet, then to the kitchen. You make coffee and drink it in a hurry. You get ready for work and quickly leave home. You get in the car and you are driving with your head full of thoughts what you have to do. After work you go to shopping to the same shop to buy the same kind of bread as always, the same kind of cheese and the same kind of milk. You go home and ….. like every day you do the same things. You even pray the same way for many years … maybe even from you were a child. In the evening you are tired and you think your life is boring, and every next day is similar to the previous one. But if you hear the  suggestion to do something differently for example: to seat down on another place at a table, in the church, to buy another kind of cheese or to meditate Scripture instead of praying another prayer, to go another way to work – you say: for what? I always do it  and I’m fine with that! Are you sure? Do you realize that your life schemes are your trap? Why? Because you are doing everything automatically, you can’t see what and for what purpose you are doing. So, you can waste your energy on unnecessary things instead of using it well. But maybe you already know you want to change something, don’t you? But there is something that holds you back. This is your fear, fear of new, fear of unknown. This fear deprives you of your sense of security, and gives you the uncertainty. Do you allow your fear to manipulate you? Who is over who has power: you over fear or fear over you? Do you allow yourself to think that the changing of your schemes could be  the beginning of a new adventure? And it could allow you to look at yourself, other people in  different way? Do you allow yourself to think that the change that is before you is something that will make you live happier and let you live more fully ?

Make an experiment:  wash your teeth in the morning with another hand than usual, drive a different way to work or do something else differently. What positive thing can you see in your development thanks to this change?

I invite you to share your observations in comments 🙂 

P.S. I know my English is not well, I make mistakes. So, if you know well (especially American English:)) please correct me in comments or by email. It is for my development.:) naturally if you want.