About coaching

Coaching can be compared to the way you go from where you are now to your
destination. Helpful questions can motivate you to find answers: where are you
now, where do you want to be, and how do you get there?

Christian Coaching contains a process of discerning the most beautiful way
that God invites you and the most effective form of your development.
Everything is for you to live the fullness of life.



Gratitude leads you to joy,
happiness and beauty.


The willingness to respond
to God’s invitation.


You are to use things in
so far as they lead you to your goal


To find out how and what way
life is coming to me and to make a better decision.

What is the coaching process like?

A typical coaching process is about 7 meetings, each usually
lasting 1 hour, taking place every 1-2 weeks. But the real number
of sessions depends each individual case.

The first meeting is the agreement and signing of the contract
between you and your coach, which contains the principles
of cooperation and commitment of both parties.

The next step is to set a goal, which is a task that requires your effort.
During this stage, the coach and you are working to identify your
strengths and weaknesses to help you discover what you want
and what you can achieve and how.

The coach is with you, supporting you in the process of change
and unfolding, helping you keep your attention on the goal you
want to achieve and helping stretch your comfort zone.
Your coach knows you that can do it.

Coach does not give you any specific advice, but asks questions
that are at the heart of the problem. Sometimes one good question
can “follow you”. During subsequent meetings, the coach and you
check if you have succeeded in the resolutions or mini goals.
If you have not done so, then you are thinking about the reasons,
researching sources of the difficulty and looking for another motivation
or other means of action. I want to point out that the coach is primarily
listening to you and at meeting begins with the question:
What do you want to share with me today?

What benefits can coaching give you?

  • It allows you to improve the quality of what you are already doing well, wanting to do better and what you have not done very well yet.
  • You gain more self-awareness and strengthen yourself, and thus you develop yourself and have a more positive impact on yourself and the world.
  • It is a chance to get out of the routine and a chance to design a response that will serve your goals.
  • You get help crystallizing your goals and make the decision as coherent as possible.
  • It teaches to focus on solutions, not on problems. Your attitude is then optimistic, your energy level is rising, and the problem is decreasing.

In coaching you do not have to do anything, but everything is based on your willingness if you want…